Our Mission ...

There is amazing beauty within us ... and all around us ... Who says you cannot stop time?

Every day our eyes observe many things, but often fail to truly see them.  The camera allows us to capture those moments, those memories, those ideas ... often in a fraction of a second ... and make them last forever ... to be remembered and shared, again and again.

My aspirations and goals as a photographer are to capture those moments in a way that allows their true beauty to be seen in a way perhaps not expected, anticipated, or imagined.  Our world often tries to dictate how we should see a person, what we should see or feel in a moment, or what relevance a memory should have.  My goal as a photographer is to help reveal the true beauty of a person ... a moment ... a memory ... or the creation of an idea ... to our eyes in a way that tells a story ... not only allowing the viewer to see or remember the moment, but also allowing those who see the image to "feel" the moment as it was felt, as it was intended to be felt, or as their own heart and mind inspires them to feel through this observation.  As individuals, we all have a story to tell ... OUR STORY ... and it should be told as we want it to be told.


  • We are thrilled with the outstanding tennis photos taken of our son by D Michael Photography!!  Compared to pictures taken in the past, these are by far the best action sports photography that we have seen.  The creative angles and clever perspectives are truly amazing.  They bring out the best in his game and show remarkable action in still format photography.  Along with the wonderful sense of action, the incredible focus captured in the photos is striking.  Our son is especially thrilled with his poster.  We think it is a great reward for all of his hard work and training on the tennis court.  Thank you!
    Kathleen G
  • Thank you for the fantastic photoshoots!  They turned out really amazing and I was impressed by your professionalism!  Your artistic ideas really come through during the shoot and have helped to take my modeling in new directions!  Thank you for being prompt and willing to work around my schedule to make time for shoots.  You are also very respectful of my limits as well as knowledgeable with technical areas such as lighting, angles and poses.  I really enjoyed our time and shoots together and can't wait to do more!
    Kristina S
  • You are the most professional, warm-hearted, considerate photographer.  You were more than awesome to work with.  You're also very talented and come with a wealth of knowledge.  Thank goodness you decided to pursue your passion full-time.
    Andrea K